Hard Money Lenders

We provide real estate financing for properties located in California

The best hard money lender in California! I am an investor and I have financed 5 properties through them and I got great terms for each! The best part was that there was little documentation needed and we were able to close in a few days instead of the usual 30 days.
What is a hard money loan?

A hard money loan is an asset based loan secured by collateral such as real estate. These loans are typically issued by private money lenders who use their own funds to lend.

What is a hard money lender?

Hard money lenders are private money lenders who issue loans secured by real property. These lenders are typically more flexible with qualification criteria than traditional lenders. Hard money lenders are also known as private money lenders and asset based lenders.

When does it make sense to borrow from a hard money lender?

There are many situations where a hard money loan is preferable to a loan from a bank or other traditional lender such as:

What are the advantages of using hard money loans?

There are many benefits of using hard money loans for financing over loans from traditional lenders including:

What are the disadvantages of using hard money loans?

Owner occupied vs non-owner occupied - difference?

Owner occupied property is any property that the borrower intends to occupy usually as a primary residence in the case of single family residences. Non-owner occupied property is essentially investment property. Hard money lenders prefer to lend on non-owner occupied or investment property as these loans require less extensive documentation per state and federal law and regulations.