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Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans are an alternative financing option for people who have been declined by their banks or other financial lending institutions, or for people who cannot qualify for a loan due to adverse credit events such as bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale or low credit scores.

A hard money loan is a type of asset based financing - essentially the amount and terms of the loan is based mostly on the type and value of the collateral. Hard money lenders usually take on a lot more risk than other lenders and are generally able to lend to people who might not otherwise get the financing they are looking for.

Hard Money Loans Options

Hard money lenders provide financing to people who have been declined for a real property loan in California by Banks or other Financial Institutions. Typically people have been declined because they cannot show enough income on their tax returns to qualify or they have issues with their credit such as a recent bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale.

Hard money lenders are private money lenders so can set their own lending criteria, they can look at each loan file and base their approval on the merits of the individual financing project.

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California hard money lenders have flexible qualification requirements so are really a good option for  people with bad credit or a recent adverse event on their credit reports, who need a residential or commercial real estate loan.

Hard money loans allow people who do not qualify for a loan or have been declined for a loan from their banks to purchase a property.

Hard money lenders are private money lenders so as direct lenders they set their own lending criteria, this means that they can finance projects that the banks may decline. The qualification flexibility they offer allows them to offer financing to people who would otherwise not qualify for a loan. In addition, the loan process is often faster than that of a typical lender such as bank and usually requires less documentation.

Investment Property Hard Money Loans

Investment property hard money loans are great for investors looking to purchase a property without the time consuming and document intensive application process required by banks. With quick loan application process that can usually get same day approvals and funding in days, hard money lenders are really a great financing option.

So whether you are looking for a residential hard money loan or a commercial hard money loan we can help - our quick loan process, low interest rates and great terms keep people coming back to us!

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Recently Financed Deal, Laguna Hills, CA

Real estate investor needed hard money loan to close on a deal quickly. He was approved for a hard money loan in a day and the deal closed within 7 days. Term: 3/1 ARM Loan Amount: $380,000 Occupancy: Non-owner occupied Interest Rate: 7.25% Prepayment: None Loan Product: Stated Income