Commercial Investment Property Loans

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Commercial Rental Property Loans

Commercial investment property loans are available for owner and non-owner occupied commercial real estate, including multi-tenanted office buildings, shopping centers, mixed use buildings, apartment buildings and many more.

Obtaining financing for commercial property can be a headache which can turn into a nightmare very quickly. Lenders will require financial statements and other documents as part of the loan package. We have CPAs on staff that will help with getting together all the information needed. If you would rather not go through the hassle of a full document loan we can help you with stated income commercial loans!

Investment property real estate loans are available regardless the number of properties financed. We have no limit on the number of rental properties financed.

We also offer our clients faster processing and little to no documentation requirements for subsequent financing deals.

commercial investment property loans

Commercial Private Lenders

Do not want to deal with the banks and all their bureaucracy? No problem we have private lenders that offer loans with terms competitive to those offered by banks and other lending institutions without the bureaucracy!

Some of the terms offered by private commercial real estate lenders include:

  • low interest rates
  • high loan to value
  • flexible qualification requirements
  • easy loan process
  • quick funding options
  • stated income commercial loans
  • subprime loans
  • hard money loans for commercial property

Commercial investment property loans are available with stated income options that require no tax returns and no DSCR documentation. Easy loan process and fast approvals.

We offer fixed and variable interest rates with loan terms with up to 30 year amortization. We also offer interest only loan options. Please contact us for more specific information.

Commercial Investment Property Loans

At this time we offer financing for properties located in California only. All loan options require underwriter approval and rates are subject to change at anytime.

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